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Lynx Magic – The story behind Witch’s Tail and the Lynx

A note from Melanie: This is part of an interview I did when Witch’s Tail was first published.


Melanie please tell us more about the importance of Sarah’s spirit animal in Witch’s Tail?


Sure, as an animal communicator myself I wanted my protagonist to discover her Animal Spirit Team throughout the collection of books.

When I was developing the series. I basically did an animal communication session for Sarah on top of Mount Katribus. I asked which animals would like to help Sarah during her journey to make her world and the world around her a better place.

The download went quick and the first animal that wanted to be represented was a lynx.

It was beautiful the way in which lynx magic showed up for Sarah in the communication session. The essence of the lynx was subtle and quiet. The colors were muted earth tones.

The lynx made her presence known . . . not by showing her physical body which so many animals do for future books. Instead, a shadow of her marking placement in the earth was left for Sarah to find.

Lynx Magic

The information about this elusive creature symbolizes new growth and tenuous beginnings. For Sarah this makes sense on so many levels and parallels for growth.

For example, Lynx are rare in New Hampshire where this story takes place and although there have been sightings the data supporting a healthy population is not strong. In fact, they are on the federally threatened list.

Therefore, this animal is appropriate for our protagonist, as she learns to not let her totem powers go extinct. Her move to Witchland in order to reclaim her territory as well as her gifts of being a witch paralleled perfectly with the lynx’s plight.

In the story the lynx is presented in the background unlike the animals in the rest of the books which are vocal.

Spiritually The Lynx Exemplifies

Staying in the present and listening to her budding intuition . . . for Sarah.

In Witch’s Tail she is beginning to embrace her skills as an animal intuitive and lynx essence helps her do so. Subtle . . . but caused Sarah to reevaluate her purpose – especially when she finds her first paw print.

Walking side by side with the essence of this creature teaches deliberation and exactitude for making gut decisions for life choices. A new beginning for noticing energies and integrating into daily human/witch life.

Spiritual Energy of Lynx Magic

Lynx Magic also supports Sarah with her instinctive actions and responses to the events that happen around her. Again, this is subtle because she is a new witch but this increases as she discovers her needs and wants in future books.

Since Sarah fights for the truth in all things a lynx is ideal support for her. This woodland animal represents understanding of life truths and for her to reconsider her values.

As Sarah walks her journey her female power begins to leave a footprint on what effects she makes for the environment and the animals she shares life with. Her legacy begins with finding connection with the earth through the track left in the earth.

Witch's Tail, The Spellwood Witches by Melanie Snow

This spiritual encounter with the lynx inspired me to write

Witch’s Tail

Book 1 of The Spellwood Witches

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Melanie Snow is an author, animal communicator and medium. She weaves together positive magic, snarky forest faeries, and insightful animals with fun and eclectic humor. True life adventures and intuition are spun into her stories laced with unbridled imagination. She has been followed by wild wolves in minus sixty degrees and has frequent paranormal experiences. You can find her books on here. Contact Melanie to be your next podcast or event guest.