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5-Tips on How to Manage your Energy

Wondering why after taking ka-zillion classes on communicating with animals you still can’t make a telepathic connection? Or have you made a telepathic connection with your pet but are not receiving messages? Are you getting more and more frustrated and want to give up?

No worries…I get it and I know your frustration! I myself have been there as well as have many of my students prior to taking my communication with animals classes.

Did you know?

It comes down to the fact that many times your animal will not talk to you just because your energy maybe…

  • Mismanaged and locked in a stress loop
  • Tired, wonky, blah or….
  • Just plain unfocused

The great news is you have come to the right place to learn how to manage your energy when communicating with animals! I am so excited to share with you briefly yet extremely important as to what I teach my students!

Let’s get started with Communicating with Animals

Here is the process of managing your own energy so that understanding animal speak finally becomes easy breezy for YOU!

  1. Get Proper Rest ~ Being tired and trying to do animal intuitive work can be exhausting. By ensuring you get enough rest to recharge you body, mind and spirit is critical to operate as an animal communicator at peak performance.
  2. Get rid of Modern Technology ~ Modern technology is wonderful but not in your sacred communication with animals space. Interruptions while talking to your animals is disrespectful to not only your animals but to your spirit team as well. Keep all technology off or in another room when practicing animal communication.
  3. Get Good at Reading Yourself ~ Learn to read the signs of your stressors and how to take stock in each and every situation that you are in. Especially when you are ready to do an animal communication session. Undo stress will just create a barrier for you to connect telepathically on a deep soul level.
  4. Get Time Out ~ Learn ways to recharge yourself. Take walks in nature, go to the beach, read, watch silly TV, talk to a friend or go on a vacation! If you are feeling particularly stressed and pressured animals will sense this energetically and may not want to talk to you!
  5. Get Connected to YOU! ~ This is the most important step! Because it helps you manage your energy, lower stress and focus your animal communication intentions. It allows for positive energy to be present in your communication with animals sessions. Develop your personal self-help journey so that you can increase your ability to manage your energy. Meditate for stress management, learn who your Spirit Team is and choose self-help ways to gain better access to the world of animal speak!


Once you master the 5-Tips on How to Manage your Energy when Communicating with Animals you will have an easier time with pet communication. It takes practice and commitment but if you do a little everyday your abilities will become stronger and stronger!

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Melanie Snow is an author, animal communicator and medium. She weaves together positive magic, snarky forest faeries, and insightful animals with fun and eclectic humor. True life adventures and intuition are spun into her stories laced with unbridled imagination. She has been followed by wild wolves in minus sixty degrees and has frequent paranormal experiences. You can find her books on here. Contact Melanie to be your next podcast or event guest.