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Animals as Teachers About What Matters! 9-Ways to get there!

 If you are like me, do you sometimes forget the innate power that you hold as a woman and how animals as teachers can help? When you do forget do you

  • Loose touch with the powerful you?
  • Get lazy with your decisions and feel drained?
  • Develop so much mind clutter that you are chasing your emotions and never seem to catch up?

I Understand

I know this can be exhausting. I have been there many times. The thing is that you probably have some very unexpected teachers that are very close to you that can help. When I finally discovered animals as teachers my life changed.

Here’s the thing…animals as Teachers can offer you a totally new perspective on managing your life. They can help you with healthy diversions and solutions to change the sometimes endless mire of burnout, self-doubt, anxiety, self-sabotage, depression and a ton more!

No Secrets

It really isn’t that much of a secret and they are probably in your presence right now! It is actually your animal that you love and cherish everyday that can teach you about what matters most in life!

Now for those of you who don’t own an animal don’t worry you can still can have animals as teachers to help you keep your feminine power by discovering who your spirit animal or totem is through dreams, meditation and working with an intuitive coach that works with animals in different realms.

Whether you own a dog, cat, snake, horse or knowing what your totem animal is, you can learn a lot about how you can live a happier and more balanced life plus, make choices in your life that supports your feminine power.

Lets get started by learning the 9-Tips on Learning What Matters Most From Your Unexpected Teacher!

Animals as Teachers . . .

  1. Live your life in the moment!

I love this one because as humans this is probably one of the most important lessons we could learn in order to stay centered and calm. So many times we spend our lives ruminating over the past and worried about the future…how many animals do you know that do this? They all live in the present moment. The past is gone and you can’t do anything about it. The future is unknown. So enjoy the present no matter what situation you are in…it will get easier.

  1. Enjoy life everyday and play!

No matter who you are or what type of animal you own (even our animal totems and animal spirits) feel joy and move their bodies. This is a good reminder to us to play, exercise and take a break from work. Playing everyday opens your mind and spirit to all types of great ideas and expands your creativity.

  1. Feel love and let go of fear!

Love can transform all fear. I am sure you have heard many stories about how love helps all types of fearful animals overcome these insecurities and become wonderful companions. Love works for us too! Love conquers all insecurities, fear, lack of self-esteem and more. The first step to understanding is to love ourselves and then replace all fear and any self-criticism with this love. When you do this you will begin to feel better, act better and live your life with peace.

  1. Let go of resentment to others!

If you hold a grudge towards someone else you will inevitable feel angry, weighed down emotionally and stuck with your feelings. Really it is only humans that hold resentment and grudges. Animals just don’t do this and by mirroring their innate ability to let go will give us a tremendous sense of personal freedom.

  1. Show joy when you are happy!

Animals as Teachers are not afraid to show their joy in life. In fact, they are very clear and honest with all their feelings. We live our lives so fast; we often forget to celebrate our successes. We loose touch with our feminine power and forget to get excited that we live in a world where flowers bloom, season’s change and the sun comes up every single day. Watch the joy in your animal the next time you come home, give them a treat or throw them a ball…share that fun and jump for joy when great things happen to you!

  1. Enjoy the ride!

Whether you have a dog that loves to be in the car, a horse that loves to run or a bird that loves to fly around in your home…remember they are enjoying their journey. They don’t care where they are going and are totally in the moment enjoying themselves. When we set our goals, we often forget our feminine power and get too attached to the outcome. We get frustrated and maybe angry if we don’t meet our crazy expectations that we set for ourselves. Next time you set a goal enjoy your personal journey for getting there. Enjoy your excitement, creativity, fun and lessons.

  1. Loyalty and dependability are enriching!

Many animals are pack animals and they pay attention to that detail. They hunt, play, defend and travel with their pack or family members. As a great reminder to us and our relationships by being loyal and dependable as a friend, partner, sibling, lover or parent will be incredibly rewarding and help strengthen your feminine power.

  1. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

We have heard this many times but how many of us really listen? Animals as Teachers know instinctively when their bodies need water and food. They usually stop eating and drinking when their body is nourished. This simple behavior is such an important reminder for us to take care of our physical bodies and even weight management.

  1. Unending Unconditional Love!

No matter what we do our animals care and love us unconditionally. Yes…even your cat. However, it is our dogs that have this down and no matter what mood you are in they still want to give you big wet kisses. They don’t judge you on how you behave. Loving others unconditionally is probably the most difficult task for us humans. But wouldn’t you agree the world would be a better place if we listened and at least tried?

You can learn what really matters most in your life from a variety of animals. From the animals you share your life with, dream about or those that live down the road from you. Their companionship, loyalty and lessons are unmatched when keeping your connection to your personal, feminine power.

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Melanie Snow is an author, animal communicator and medium. She weaves together positive magic, snarky forest faeries, and insightful animals with fun and eclectic humor. True life adventures and intuition are spun into her stories laced with unbridled imagination. She has been followed by wild wolves in minus sixty degrees and has frequent paranormal experiences. You can find her books on here. Contact Melanie to be your next podcast or event guest.